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Hunting Information & Prices


During the hunt it is possible to see many different bucks of all sizes. Your guide will estimate the size of the individual bucks and give you a price for a specific buck.

Our responsibility is to present you with the opportunity for a trophy buck in a comfortable, reliable situation. Your responsibility is to be familiar with your gun and be able to make an accurate kill shot. You must sight in your rifle before coming to hunt.

If you shoot and the guide determines the buck has been hit, our obligation has been fulfilled and you are responsible for the cost of that buck. We will make every effort to locate a wounded deer, including the use of a tracking dog. The guide will have the final word on the details of the hunt.

The Safari Club International scoring system is used to score a buck’s antlers. The score of each buck is the primary factor in determining the cost of a trophy buck.

There are specific traits that also factor into the final price such as: a very wide rack, or unique antler features like drop tines or kicker points. In other words, a very wide buck will cost slightly more than a narrow buck that scores in the same range. Any typical 10 point is a minimum of $6,000.

Hunting Prices

Minimum Hunt Up to 135”– $3,500

136” – 145”– $4,500

146” – 159”– $5,500

160” – 169” – $7,000

170” – 179”– $8,000

180” – 189”– $9,000

190” – 199”– $10,000

200” – 215” – $11,000

216” – 230”– $13,000

231” – 250”- $14,000

251” – 275” – $15,000

276” – 300” – $16,000

$1,500 non-refundable deposit will reserve your 3-day hunt. All hunters will be expected to maintain a sportsmanlike respect for these magnificent animals at all times.