Hunt The Big Trophies



Hunting Whitetails

Hunting whitetails at Bontrager Whitetails is the best place around to hunt giant trophy bucks measuring up to a whopping 240 inches. These big monster bucks give bragging rights to your trophy wall. Our herd has grown to massive sizes which we contribute to our well-care program.

It is no wonder hunters refer to their experience as a hunt of a lifetime. In 2016, hunters added to their trophy wall with their big bucks they harvested measuring 240 inches. We encourage you to have a great hunt while we offer you the best opportunity to harvest a mature buck. Hunters are most impressed with the size of our deer and southern hospitality.

Without a doubt, safety is our number one priority. We hunt from elevated shooting houses with stairways, hand rails, and comfortable chairs. All big game hunts at Bontrager Whitetails are guided in order to assist you in judging your trophy. 

Our all-inclusive hunting includes skinning, caping, quartering your venison and packing it in a cooler for travel. We can also arrange for local taxidermy work and meat processing for an additional fee.

Bontrager Whitetails is compliant with ADA, American Disabilities Act. The lodge is handicap accessible with 36″ door openings, wide spacious rooms and restroom, including shower stall, is wheelchair accessible. 

As a goodwill deed, Bontrager Whitetails donated a hunt to Camo Dreams, which is a Florida non-profit organization sponsors hunting trips for disabled and seriously ill children. Read the full story here

The large frame of these big bucks impress every hunter who harvested one here, and continues to gloat on such a magnificent harvest.

At Bontrager Whitetails, our obligation is to present you with the opportunity to shoot mature trophy bucks. We live right here at the preserve and observe the bucks during our agricultural operations and monitor the feeders and trail cameras, so we usually know what range of bucks are available.


Trophy Bucks

What to Bring 

Due to the fact we are an all-inclusive hunting preserve and we take care of lodging and meals, with the exception of your hunting items. 

We are licensed by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission which covers all license requirements.  In other words, you are not required to obtain a hunting license at Bontrager Whitetails.

Below is a list of necessities we kindly ask hunters to bring. 

  • Accurate rifle with scope not less than .243 that has been sighted in prior to hunt.
  • Ammunition
  • Binoculars
  • Warm clothing in case of cold weather
  • Ice chest / cooler to bring venison home
  • Any personal items

Bontrager Whitetails Services Provided

  • Skinning
  • Caping
  • Quartering venison and we will also pack venison in a cooler to take home.


Arrangements for local taxidermy work and meat processing for an additional fee.

Bontrager Whitetails

The deer preserve is covered in live-oak trees, tall long leaf pines and planted crops. It is situated in Marianna, Florida, uniquely in an area of Florida known for magnificent wildlife and gorgeous scenery. You can find Bontrager Whitetails close to Interstate 10, only one hour west of Tallahassee and one hour north of Panama City, Florida.

Call for details 850-526-8280.